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April 21, 2015

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“Life”, “work”, “planning”, “responsibilities”, “Covid-19” and “cleaning dog sh*t”, are some of the things you would come across when reading the reasons on why people have chosen to rage.

Starting from the 5th of May, bypassers, and customers were welcomed to join Zamakan’s rage room, ‘KHALAS!’ to let out any accumulated anger they might have had. The experience was one that allowed customers to take out all their anger, stress, and agony, finding a way to let go of the unspoken.

In an ever-changing atmosphere like Sweifieh Village, people from the age of 14 and onward entered what would be called a “vent chamber” to let go of their built-up fury. The room had TVs, speakers, fax machines, telephones, keyboards, receivers, and various other items to destroy. Each individual had the option to purchase these extra items if they were not content with the plates, bottles, and cups that were provided as part of the entry ticket.

This experience was brought to life as a therapeutic way to let go of the abundance of emotions that individuals are going through. It came across as the perfect gateway to destroy anything without having the usual scream from a family member across the house. Everyone was welcomed to the world of rage and release by being given a full-on experience with protective gear, their own choice of music, and the ability to shatter away moments of pain that have been kept within them.

The pop-up, which was meant to last one week, lasted for sixteen days, many of which were fully booked. Customers of all ages came to create a sense of calm with their inner conflicts, and it was seen how each person let their anger out in different ways. Some people were yelling and shattering plates left and right, while others took the time to write out things onto their plates and throw them gracefully, finally letting go of painful thought. Some people kept laughing, some were screaming, and others did not want to leave. The one thing everyone had in common, was the relief they felt afterward, a newfound peace.

One customer (who came to the rage room twice) said “It was so satisfying. You write your problems and see them disintegrate as soon as they hit the wall.”

Tala Ghazal, the Zamakan marketing officer mentioned, “Many people were so interested in the concept of our pop-up. It was a fresh concept, and they loved the setup and effort we put into the design. It was definitely something many people were talking about, and that’s how we know we succeeded in our mission.”

The overall experience was admired by everyone and as an uncommon activity, it had captivated all who have come across it in one way or another. An outcome of Instagram-worthy photographs and satisfied well-being was very well achieved by the hardworking team of Zamakan. ‘KHALAS’ has set the bar to how an interactive pop-up should be, it is no doubt that whats’ to come will be yet another memorable experience for people to enjoy.

Category: Hospitality

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