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Nosh by Nomad

Step into the world of Nosh, where culinary creativity knows no bounds. Nosh isn’t just a pop-up eatery; it’s a playground for restaurateurs to unleash their wildest culinary dreams and for established restaurants to venture into uncharted territories. Nosh isn’t bound by convention; it’s a platform for culinary pioneers to push the boundaries and test new concepts in real-time. Whether it’s a seasoned chef unveiling a daring new menu or a restaurant venturing into a new neighborhood, Nosh offers the ideal environment to take risks and reap rewards.


For restaurateurs, Nosh is a launchpad for creativity—a space where they can turn their culinary visions into reality and gauge public response firsthand. It’s a place to test the waters, refine concepts, and pave the way for future success. Nosh is a fully equipped restaurant full of the energy for experimentation. Here, high quality appliances stand ready to bring new concepts to life, while a sleek, modern dining room provides the perfect backdrop for culinary exploration.


So whether you’re a seasoned chef with a bold new concept or a restaurant looking to expand your horizons, Nosh is your partner in culinary exploration. Join us and be part of a revolution in dining—one delicious experiment at a

Concepts by Nosh

Nomad is a Jordan-based real estate firm offering businesses short-term access to premium retail spaces across Amman helping:

Mexican Fiesta by LA Taqueria

LA Taqueria was the trailblazer that ignited the Nosh space, infusing it with vibrant energy, fresh flavors, and tantalizing dishes. From the moment they stepped into our kitchen, the LA Taqueria team felt at home, delighting guests with their exceptional fare. Their initial success led to a three-month residency. After seeing their large success, they took over the restaurant next door and are now our neighbour!

Project Casual - A hub for quick, popular eats

Project Casual graced the Nosh space for a month serving best sellers from all of their concepts. Diners enjoyed mouthwatering sliders from Bun Meats Dough, yummy tacos from Free The Fork, delicious pizza by Call me Margherita and they even introduced a new concept with insanely delicious wings topped with crazy sauces, exclusively at Nosh!

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